About SGOL

I started SteamGamesOnLinux.com around the end of August of 2010, basically as a way to log which Steam games worked with my new Linux desktop.

I know there is already the WineAppDB – and I use it a lot when trying to get my games working – but found that locating specific Steam version test results wasn’t easy…

I also noticed people asking specifically for Steam version tests on the AppDB… so figured that there seemed to be a lot of other Linux gamers out there with Steam accounts that could benefit from my notes.

After around 2-3 months and about 60 games tested –  the site was getting around 100+ visitors / day… hmm – maybe I could develop this into the best Steam + Linux gaming site on the net? Maybe….. LoL

It’s now almost 2 years later and the SGOL site is averaging around 13,000 visits / month = way cool + the ads are at paying for the site hosting now :)

So if you are a Linux gamer and would like to see this site grow and reach it’s full potential, please do join up and give some feedback and get involved… your suggestions are appreciated!

Game On!
– Jonathan (aka Necron99)