Blade Kitten

On January 11, 2011, in playable games, by Necron99

STATUS: playable Steam Store Page: click here
Wine Tested: 1.3.11 Run: from within Steam
Virtual-Desktop: yes – not advised Full-screen: yes

You will need to set Wine to run Blade Kitten as Windows 2000 or you will lose keyboard input. No other overrides were required.

Blade Kitten’s  launch from Steam was strange – the app ended up half-way between workspaces and I had to click it to go full screen… no biggie, just weird.  Everything appears to play fine once in-game.

I had minor control issues when playing in a virtual desktop or in windowed mode as the mouse leaves the game area. Even using the mouse in full-screen makes for a wobbly screen, making control a little difficult. Once can also play Blade Kitten in keyboard only mode, which I find much better once configured.


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  1. GREAT!, Thanks for the info, I need games for linux. ^_^

    I will buy this game right now.

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