Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition

On December 29, 2010, in playable games, by Necron99

STATUS: Playable Steam Store Page: click here
Wine Versions: 1.3.9 Run: from Steam
Windowed: YES Fullscreen: YES

Library override mmdevapi = disabled (needed to fix no sound problem)
winetricks StrictDrawOrdering=enabled (can help stop flickering)
Audio > Hardware Acceleration = Emulation
Applications > Windows Version – Windows Vista

Because the game configuration app doesn’t work from the launcher, to manage more advanced setting you have to edit the DragonAge.ini in your /user/Bioware/Dragon Age/Settings folder manually

DisableMRT=1  (optional – can cause character shadow flickering)
DisableIntroMovies=1 (optional)
AnisotropicFilteringLevel=1 (optional)

Enable DLC: (thanks Durin!)
editing the addins.xml file located in user/Bioware/Dragon Age/Settings.
Change every RequiresAuthorization=”1″ to RequiresAuthorization=”0″

After using the above settings the game runs fine – though still experience stuttering during opening movies – so I simply edited the game config file to turn them off.

At first the launcher kept crashing or popping up an error box – so I looked in the game files /Steam/steamapps/Dragon Age Origins/data/launcher folder and saw the background music was in WMA format – I just renamed the file with extension .off

I ran winetricks PhysX,  dotnet2sp2 and dotnet30 – though the dot net installations both crashed…  I also ran the DirectX installer directly from the steamapps/common/dragon age redistributable folder… that actually seemed to get the game to launch… though the videos didn’t play and there was massive flickering on the opening menu and loading screens…

To try and fix this I used winetricks strictdrawordering=enabled as suggested by others – though this did not work 100% for me…

I cleared all the Wine Config libraries and only installed winetricks d3dx9 and d3dx10 – after that the game launched fine with intro movies and no flickering… but still no sound.  With Wine version 1.3.11 I did not need the direct x overrides to play – though intro movies do flicker a bit which is not a problem as game plays fine.

Character creation also crashed after the first screen until I set Wine to run as Windows Vista – from there the game could be played… though at the time sound still wasn’t.  I tried using just ALSA and just OSS and also just eSound with no results… also tried switching between audio hardware Full / Emulation… I checked and made sure DragonAge.ini (in your /user/bioware/settings folder) contained SoundDisabled=0 … still no sound… after some digging in the WineAppDB I went back into libraries and set “mmdevapi” to disabled as suggested by others… and sound worked… all good from here!


  • No configuration from launcher – have to configure in-game.
  • Camera movement using right-click+mouse is hyper sensitive and erratic… lowering the sensitivity in control configuration helps a little – though it’s difficult enough that I avoid using it…
  • Some flickering during cut-scenes / intro movies
  • Some character shadow flickering – though setting DisableMRT=0 in game ini caused less flickering.
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13 Responses to “Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition”

  1. Durin says:

    Got the DLC bug too, seems to be an issue with Steam and Bioware.
    All the fixes i found in the internet didn’t work out with wine though.

    If anyone fixes this plz let me know

  2. Durin says:

    I cannot believe how easy that was…

    After searching the internet for “alternative” solutions, I found out that you can enable the content manually by:

    editing the addins.xml file located in user/Bioware/Dragon Age/Settings.
    Changing every RequiresAuthorization=”1″ to RequiresAuthorization=”0″.

    That enabled every dlc for me.

    Hope somebody can use that.


  3. jj4413 says:

    HI, I was wondering if somebody ran in the same problem as me.
    I installed Steam on PlayOnLInux and then isntalled DAO UE on Steam.
    The launcher works fine but when I hit the play I get “Failed to detect supported video card” failure.

    My video card is NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE and I have the proprietary drivers installed.
    Wine is 1.5.25 and I am running Mint 14

    Thanks for your help

  4. Buob says:

    I was unable to get this game working. I’m running Linux Mint 17 on an Intel i5. The problem is oen that I’ve had for a few games; it will load up but when any keyboard input happens, it stops working and quits itself.

    However, this time was a little different. With games like Mass Effect and… a couple of others like NightSky, the graphics will load just fine. With DA:OUE, it was just a blank screen.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    • support says:

      When asking for help please post:
      1) everything you tried including settings for Wine = we get a lot of people asking for help who didn’t even try the solutions already posted

      • Buob says:

        This is probably me then. I’m running vanilla Play on Linux and vanilla DA:O.

        Silly me, I just saw the test log. I’ll do some of the modifications and report back.

        • Buob says:

          Back again, did some modifications. I was able to get the game to run, but any keyboard input killed the game (as I had said before). After making a few more modifications per the test log, the game will no longer boot. I will restart my system and see if anything different happens, but I may have to just remove and reinstall Steam.

          For posterity, my WINE version is 1.7.22 inside of a 4.2.2 PoL client. I have installed WineTricks, but it doesn’t seem to want to run for me. Again, the distro I’m on is Mint 17.

          • support says:

            Ok – the best way I have found to get games to work is to run them in their own clean wine container. Do not use PoL or have any other games / software installed in the container.


          • Buob says:

            Alright man, I did a whole new WINE-Steam container, downloaded the game (for the fourth time — my ISP probably hates me now) and it worked. Problem is, I hit a key combination it hated (I think it was shift-tab) and I had to restart, completely killing everything I had done.

            Just as a small test, I’m downloading Skyrim in the container that held Oblivion and am going to see if I have the same results…It would be interesting to see if you can group games by developers and not have to have 30 or so different Steam containers per game.

          • support says:

            Disable Steam Overlay – that has been known to cause problems… and yes, it’s a pain installing each game in it’s own WINE container with it’s own separate install of Steam – but it works to stop many conflicts / problems. Always install in a clean WINE container ;)

          • support says:

            You don’t have to re-download every time:

            Could also try using the backup tool in Steam – though that hasn’t been tested as far as I know? (I’m short on time to do these tests – but if it works let us know! :)

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