Installing Steam Games in their Own Prefix using Winetricks .verb Installers

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Winetricks can install individual Steam games in their own .wineprefix using custom install scripts called winetricks .verb files.

Basic Overview:

Example Verb Script to install The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion GOTYE (Steam):

create a textfile called oblivion_gotye_steam.verb in your home folder (or where you will be running winetricks from)

here is the example code:

w_metadata oblivion_gotye_steam games \ title="Oblivion GOTYE (Steam)" \ publisher="Bethesda Softworks" \ year="2007" \ media="steam download" \ installed_exe1="$W_PROGRAMS_X86_WIN/Steam/steamapps/common/oblivion/OblivionLauncher.exe" load_oblivion_gotye_steam() { #Set dsound to Emulation to fix no sound w_call dsoundhw=Emulation w_steam_install_game 22330 "Oblivion GOTYE (Steam)" w_declare_exe "$W_PROGRAMS_X86_WIN\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\oblivion" "OblivionLauncher.exe" }

installed_exe1 is the path to the game launcher

The number after the w_steam_install_game (22330) is the app number from the store url for the game (e.g. for Oblivion GOTYE the url is

The above winetricks .verb will install Steam + required Steam specific workarounds  + sets sound to emulation… for any other game specific workarounds please refer to on how to do this.

Before running the installer from the command line make sure all Steam processes are stopped / exited.

At the moment you will need to set your steam userid / password before running the install – (if you are running the latest svn development version of winetricks you may not have to do this step)

# env W_STEAM_ID=xxxxxxxxxx
# env W_STEAM_PASSWORD=xxxxxxxxx

Then run the script

# winetricks oblivion_steam.verb

Steam will install itself and start to install Oblivion… if you want to copy the files from a backup pause the install and exit Steam.


  • You might want to turn off Steam Guard before installing – this avoids un-necessary pop ups asking for “new machine verification” during the install process. Each wineprefix is considered a “new machine” = a separate Windows install / registry etc… You can however leave this enabled if you wish and simply enter the emailed code when prompted.
  • Steam windows will also open and close automatically a number of times. While the game is installing your Steam tray icon should show. If the install process is stopped by exiting / pausing you should be able to break out of the running script and just launch Steam from within the new prefix. The Steam install will continue…
  • Check “Create Start Menu Icon” + “Create Desktop Icon” in the game download dialogue to install launcher in the apps > wine > programs > steam menu – NOTE: these may not work and you may need to update the launch command as per create launcher below or use MetricJester’s Steam Wineprefix Launcher! [ CLICK HERE ]
  • Any existing Linux menu or Linux desktop “Steam” launcher will be overwritten, so you should rename it to something else such as “Main Steam” before installing so you don’t lose it… if you do happen to lose your main Steam Launcher you can always fix / recreate it as per below but using “steam” as the GAMENAME.
  • The new Steam gameprefix will usually be in: /home/USERNAME/.local/share/wineprefixes/GAMENAME
  • If copying gamefiles from a backup, copy any files into the specific game prefix steamapps folder

Create a Steam Game Launcher:
If there is no Steam launcher or your game launcher doesn’t work, fix it or create one with the below command (replacing USERNAME + GAMENAME to point to the correct wineprefix) – or better use MetricJester’s Steam Wineprefix Launcher! [ CLICK HERE ]

env WINEPREFIX="/home/USERNAME/.local/share/wineprefixes/GAMENAME" wine C:\\windows\\command\\start.exe /Unix /home/USERNAME/.local/share/wineprefixes/GAMENAME/dosdevices/c:/users/Public/Desktop/Steam.lnk

You can download this oblivion_gotye_steam.verb here. Just unzip to your home folder and run from the command line:

# winetricks oblivion_steam.verb

This is just a quick how to…  feel free to post any questions / comments.

Visit the SGOL Winetricks Forum for the latest Steam Game .verbs and to get help.

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