Installing Steam

UPDATED: May 11, 2011

Please note that I have uninstalled any previous versions of Wine, Play on Linux (POL), Steam, and all Steam Games from my system so as to start fresh.   All Steam game files have been backed up so I don’t have to re-download them.  Instructions for copying game files from one Steam location to another can be found here.

Step 1:
Install the latest Wine development release + Winetricks: (as of wine 1.3.14 winetricks should automatically be included in the package)

Use your distro package manager or go to

If you compile your own Wine or wish to install winetricks on it’s own see here:

Step 2:
Install Steam using winetricks. You can launch the winetricks GUI and select INSTALL SOFTWARE > STEAM or simply use the terminal:

# winetricks steam

Winetricks will install Steam into it’s own wineprefix + any required Steam related workarounds automatically.

Step 3: 
Use the winetricks GUI to configure the new Steam wine prefix using winecfg if needed. The winetricks GUI allows you to easily select which wineprefix to manage.

Audio: I use ALSA and set Direct Sound to Emulation  44100 @ 16bits
Hardware: vertex shaders enabled using hardware
Sometimes before launching Steam I like to configure Wine to run in a virtual desktop.

You should now be able to launch the Steam client.

NOTE: you can now install some Steam games along with the Steam client in it’s own .wineprefix using Winetricks – this helps keep games that require conflicting workarounds separate their own Wine environment. If you intend to install any games in their own wineprefix, be sure to rename your main Steam launcher to something else to avoid it being overwritten… I just change mine to “Main Steam”


  • If you plan on using Steam Chat a lot you should disable Compiz and any other windows or desktop effects. [read more]
  • If you experience crashes and other issues you might need to configure Steam to disable the in-game community overlay.
  • Some games (Valve’s LFD2 for example) don’t seem to work in their own prefix or the winetricks .steam prefix… they need to run from within the default .wine prefix. Just download and run the Steam Installer as per a normal wine app and it should install in the default .wine prefix.