Playing my Steam games on Linux

On August 25, 2010, in news, by Necron99

I finally switched my primary OS to Linux – and boot into Windows only to play games that won’t run with WINE

This site is a resource to track what Steam games worked for me on Linux + WINE and what problems I ran into with others. Because WINE versions update often and sometimes OS patches can result in previously working games failing, I will try to update games as often as possible… which is great, because that means more game playing for me!

[my Steam games list] [view my setup]

Though I probably should be getting back to my “real job” …

Please feel free to sign up for an account and post comments / questions / help.

IMPORTANT: since replacing ATI with NVIDIA I have had way fewer problems running games fullscreen or in a virtual desktop. If you are serious about gaming on Linux – get an NVIDIA card…



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  1. Nick Patton says:

    Really loving your site right now. I’ve got an Asus G72Gx gaming laptop and I’ve been running Fedora 13 on it. I’ve been a long time steam user but now I’m trying to move over to Linux. About to install Steam using Play on Linux and then downloading and installing my bought games on steam. Anything I should look out for should know about Wine, Steam, or gaming on Linux? I might have questions for you if I run into trouble.


    • Necron99 says:

      Hiya – glad the site is of use to the community :) I have lots of games to test out – and try to do a few every week at least… I generally always run the latest WINE version… you can add the main WINE repository to keep it updated. NOTE: Before updating Wine versions check to see if it will affect your gaming!

      Do keep in mind different distros (Fedora / Ubuntu / etc) have different results for different games… and also NVIDIA cards seem to work better than ATI cards… VALVE Multiplayer games like CSS and TF2 don’t run well with ATI at the moment and randomly crash… ATI is taking ages for this fix so I might just buy a NVIDIA card! Feel free to post to the site on any game listed if you get stuck and will see if I can help… though may take a little while to get back to you… hopefully more people will join in and we can help each other out…


  2. TehTux says:

    Awesome that you’re doing this and awesome it’s Australian based (with a world wide reach o/c).

    I’m dual booting too, though the ‘Doze is around for work as much as gaming, where Linux is everything else.

    I’m still hoping that they have a native Linux client in the works (even if it places pretty hardcore restrictions on kernel/gtk/etc) though until that day comes I’ll be keeping an eye on this site!!

    • Necron99 says:

      Thanks for the pos com. I did read on Slashdot that Valve officially announced they were not going to do a native Linux client… [read]

      It would be really hard to do anything commercial like that, as support would be insane for them! Too many distros / distro versions / custom configs etc… almost all the games would have to run under Wine anyway… the Steam client itself works fine under Wine… it’s just the games that aren’t 100% compatible.

      If there is any game you are having problems with or would like to see added, join up n check the forums. The site is only 2 months old… but more and more heads are popping in and coming back. I hope this site will eventually be a really cool resource for Linux Gamers using Steam = I find that the WineAppDB, while good, is still a little all over the place for some people…

      I try to add at least a few games / week – though only wish I could buy as many every week! ;)

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