Team Fortress 2

On February 15, 2011, in playable games, by Necron99

STATUS: playable Steam Store Page: click here
Wine Versions: 1.3.12
Virtual-Desktop: yes Full-screen: yes

No library overrides were required

Plays fine at various resolutions and settings.

All appears to play fine :)


  • ATI Cards seem to still cause the game to crash randomly
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17 Responses to “Team Fortress 2”

  1. TheSpam says:

    I’m going to try running this as my first Steam Game on Linux! Wine version 1.3.13, wish me luck!

  2. Necron99 says:

    As long as you have a decent NVIDIA card and running the proprietary drivers it should work…

  3. Crasian says:

    i can’t get steam to work properly, once i install it. it opens for a couple a minutes but i can’t access the store to download team fortress two, and then it quits. how do fix this problem?

  4. Dave says:

    I’ve got a problem hopefully one of you can resolve. I have steam and a few games installed (MW2, L4D,), but when I go to install TF2 (no cd, just steam install) it locks at the end of creating cache files (the initial setup). Even if I restart steam and/or wine all it says is starting download, but nothing ever starts. Really like this game and hate Windows so this is killing me, lol. Hope someone has an answer.

    • Necron99 says:

      Did you install Steam using “winetricks steam” in terminal? – that will put Steam in it’s own wineprefix – install it and try installing TF2 from that installation. Note – rename any desktop Steam shortcuts BEFORE you install Steam via winetricks… then the new Steam icon after Steam install rename to “Steam Winetricks” or something as that will be the link to the new Steam install… let us know how you go :)

      • Dave says:

        I tried installing Steam, through the terminal, with the same results. PlayonLinux choosing Team Fortress 2, PlayonLinux choosing Steam, and Winetricks all render the same results. It sets up the install and just hangs with a full progress bar stuck at “Preparing Team Fortress 2 files for install…”. I’m giving it more than ample time to finish (max time 2hrs to test), and all it does is continue to blink … . All my other games downloads and install just fine, including other Source games. I’m at a loss for rhyme and reason. Is it maybe do to the recent update to free-to-play?

  5. Thunderchin says:

    I installed this game just fine, but then it doesn’t create shortcut to game (like it did for Half-Life 2 and its Episodes, which run fine).

    Then, when I start the game, it shows the Valve logo and the copyright info as normal. Then…nothing. Just a black screen. After a few seconds it shows the menu, but it’s still black! The only difference is that I can see the menu options! No title, no background image, the only things I can see are the individual menu options, my cursor, and a black background. I click Start Playing, it shows only the text parts of the select game type. This continues through the loading screen, and finally it crashes with the error message “Failed to lock vertex buffer in CMeshDX8::LockVertexBuffer”.

    I run Ubuntu 11.10 with Wine 1.3.28, and an NVIDIA GT218.

  6. Teapot says:

    I’m having problems, I have TF2 installed fine under Linux Mint but when I go to run the game all i get is the preparing to launch game screen which eventually disappears to be replaced by nothing. I can continue to try doing this and steam recognises I’m doing so because it updates its last played to today but the game will not launch. I also have this problem with half-life 2 episode 2, but not half-life 2 or episode one (which work fine). Any ideas?

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