The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion GOTYE

On August 25, 2010, in playable games, by Necron99

STATUS: playable Steam Store Page: click here
Wine Versions: 1.3.9, 1.3.17, 1.3.18 Winetricks .verb: click to download
Windowed: no Full-screen: yes

The Elder Scroll series has consistently provided awesome RPG experiences. While this game title is a few years old now, I still play TES Oblivion regularly. This was the first Steam game I tried installing and playing on my Ubuntu Linux box.


  • No library overrides required.
  • Set Audio > Direct Sound to “emulation” if you lose sound in game.

If you experience audio lagging in Oblivion when the music changes you may need to go into your Wine C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/oblivion/Data folder and make a backup copy of the Music folder. Then go into the original Music folder and delete everything in there. You won’t have any in-game music, but for me that was actually ok as playing without the music makes the game that much more immersive…

Oblivion launches and runs ok with all settings on high – but with noticeably lower frame rates than when running on Windows… Frame-rates really take a big hit when multiple NPC’s are on screen at the same time. Even turning off shadows or grass doesn’t make much difference.

WINETRICKS .verb INSTALLER NOTES: [general installer help here]
The oblivion_gotye.verb installer will install Steam + Oblivion in it’s own wineprefix. You may still need to set Direct Sound to Emulation if you have problems…

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8 Responses to “The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion GOTYE”

  1. Ed says:

    I purchased and tried to run Oblivion (Steam through Wine in Ubuntu 10.10) and the main menu came up, but when I clicked play, the main menu goes away and the game does not open.

  2. Sebas; says:

    Installed using Steam on Ubuntu 12.04 (64 bit) and Wine 1.4 and d3dx9 (via winetricks). My hardware: Macbook Pro 8,1 (2GB Ram + Intel HD Graphics 3000).

    The launcher works OK, but the game freezes on the loading screen. Wine shows a dialog window with the text “Internal error – invalid parameters recieved”.

    Same problem with Morrowind (also installed via Steam).

    • Necron99 says:

      You problem is most likely Intel HD Graphics card not compatible with Linux drivers + Direct X + Wine.

      • Sebas; says:

        Yes, imust be a problem with de intel HD. Tonight I’ve tried on another PC (with nvidia ION graphic card) and both games worked at first try.

        I hate intel graphic cards, they are full supported on kernel but they only causes problems hehe. Next time I won’t buy a Macbook =/

        • Sebas; says:

          Hi again. Now I’m able to run the game if I start it from Steam.

          It’s to say, I’ve the “Internal error – invalid parameters recieved” popup if I run the game direclty (“wine oblivion.exe” or “wine oblivionlauncher.exe”), but It runs well from Steam.

          The only problem it’s that I’ve black skin textures, but it’s a common error on my graphic card drivers.


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